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Side A
1. Up In This Muthafucka 1:40
2. Andros 1:20  
3. Now That You're Mine 1:39
4. Chinatown Chill 2:42  
5. The Paper 1:35  
6. Vices 1:50
7. Daddy 1:55  
8. Join The Club 2:45
9. D.I. Luv 1:06
10. Anti Swagger 2:28  
Side B
1. Like That 2:24
2. Creepin 1:35  
3. S.Ex. (Suff Experiment) 2:36
4. Isley Interlude 0:22  
5. Sip Liquor 1:28
6. High Life 3:20  
7. One For Rawls 2:04  
8. Suff In China 1:25
9. Chocolate Mountain 2:14
10. Lottahydro 1:33  
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Welcome to the house of Suff Daddy. Drunken boom-bap madness with a 09 state of mind. Dope beats, sick samples and twisted Mini-Korg licks, fuelled with weed and Pilsetten. This is not your average Prenzelberg producer. Suff Deezy is on his own shit. He has laced beats for Miles Bonny, Oddisse, Kissey Asplund and Flomega but the beat daddy is really at home with his solo joints.

Nerd info: On the album cover Suff Daddy is playing Virtual Boy, a 3-D Nintendo console from 1995 that was only released in Japan and USA.

Suff Daddy follows up Testculo Y Uno (Hulk Hodn & Twit One). Their volume was an instant sucess within the worldwide beathead scene. Vol.3 is already in the pipeline and will introduce two of Amsterdam's most promising new producers: Full Crate & FS Green.

Hi-Hat Club Discography:
Vol. 1 ? Hulk Hodn & Twit One - Testiculo Y Uno
Vol. 2 ? Suff Daddy - Suff Draft
Vol. 3 ? Dexter ? The Jazz Files
Vol. 4 ? Brenk & Fid Mella - Chop Shop
Vol. 5 - Full Crate & FS Green - Eggs And Pancakes
Vol. 6 - DJ Adlib - Haus & Garten

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I've always been down with Suffys tripped-out BoomBap aesthetics, but this album takes his signature style to new levels of dopeness.
Stephan Szillus - (JUICE Magazine)

"110% dopeness as usual from Mr. Suff Daddy" - Nik T (Circle Research)

"This. Is. Ill! I'm gonna make sure people hear about this one" - DJ Day

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