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1. Kill Bill 3:50
2. Drama (Pt.1 & 2) feat. Kissey Asplund 2:58
Introducing the MPM Beat 45 series!

Beat tapes were yesterday, today it?s all about Beat 45s. At least over here at MPM. We are kicking off a new series focusing on the beatmaker/producer. The concept is simple: taking a raw and uncut dope beat and putting it on 45 single. It can have some vocals too but it has to be strong enough to stand for itself.

For Volume 1 we have hooked up with Suff Daddy an up and coming producer from Berlin. Suff Daddy is spending an unhealthy amount of time in the lab making beats and has a solid perchant for Tanqueray.

?Kill Bill? is a straight up banger, simple as that. ?Drama? features Swedish songstress Kissey Asplund (check her solo single on BBE).

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