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1. Four Hills 3:14
2. A Place To Go 3:13
3. Glue - Making A Mess (Day Remix Interlude) 1:06
4. What Planet What Station (Instrumental) 3:15
5. Manha 4:07
6. Koolude 0:39
7. Close Your Eyes 3:56
8. Lucien 3:22
9. Day and Exile live 0:36
10. Lovebug 2:44
11. Gone Bad 3:51
12. Mo Horizons - Ay Y N'ama (Day Remix) 4:50
13. Closer (feat. Aloe Blacc) 4:58
14. Make You 3:12
This selection of singles, remixes, Japan exclusives and unreleased tracks is the first CD release by DJ Day.

DJ Day is a typical product of modern day hip-hop-culture. He is a dedicated record digger and serious DJ who cut his teeth in the LA undergound scene alongside his friends Aloe Blacc and Exile. But selling beats to rappers was never his main ambition. Instead of doing beat-tapes he got himself a Fender Rhodes and MPC started making music.

Maybe it's his upbringing in Southern California but there is definitley a "sunny" side to Day's music. This may sound a bit like a cliche but when you are literally living in the desert it is not unlikely that this will affect your music. And it's the combination of relaxed and soulful chords and melodies with serious beats and breaks that makes his signature sound.

"Day goes on a Mizell Brothers meet Dilla mission" one critic wrote about his latest EP "Got To Get It Right" and the growning Day fan-club consists of people like Gilles Peterson, Chairman Mao ("Ego Trip"), The Rub DJs, Garth Trinidad, Jazzy Jeff and The Fader.

MPM hooked-up with Day through the infamous Soulstrut message board and signed him right after the release of his underground 12" "What Planet What Station" on Milk Crate Records.

"The Day Before" is the first introduction of Day's music in album format and shows how he has grown as a producer and musician. From the Shadow-esque "Close Your Eyes" (1999) to the yet unreleased remix for Mo'Horizons (2007), the CD features vinyl only releases for MPM, Sound Of Color, Subcontact (Japan) and Curio plus a bunch of unreleased songs including "Closer" with Aloe Blacc.

Right now DJ Day is recording his second album, tentatively titled "A New Beginning" and scheduled for an release in autumn 2007.

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