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Miles Bonny loves you. His music evokes feelings of honesty and musicality, and he wouldn't want it any other way. The son of Francis Bonny, a professional trumpet player, Miles has been exposed to Jazz, Latin, and Classical music all of his life. Growing up with trumpets around him, he played his first note at age 2. Frequent trips accompanying his father at latin, jazz, and symphony rehearsals allowed him to meet greats such as Tito Puente and Max Roach.
Later, as Miles developed his Hip Hop and Soul productions he felt that he owed it to those greats whom he met to create the best, most honest and progressive music that he could. Slowly but surely people are taking notice of this Kansas City, Mo resident. His music has recently been covered in many publications including "Scratch" and "Urb" Magazine.
"Miles" means soldier in latin, and Miles Bonny is a soldier of music.This strong passion for respect and development continues today as he lends the world not only his instrumental compositions, but his voice. His debut solo project, "Smell Smoke?" features production by J.Rawls and Joc Max as well as his own, and is available in stores around the world as well as on iTunes. His first solo project on MPM was the "Closer Love EP".

Lumberjack Soul (CD)
MPM 106
Lumberjack Soul (LP)
MPM 106
Closer Love EP
12inch single
MPM 044
Miles Gets Open
7inch single
MPM 041 P

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