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1. S3 Intro 00:10  
2. Seein Doe 02:30
3. Chakal 04:49
4. Get This Money 03:44
5. Bro Skit 01:10  
6. Don´t Stop 03:57
7. Deeper Skit 00:56  
8. Sprinkle 04:27
9. Chronic Break 01:13
10. Dr. Strange 03:50
11. All I Know 04:20
12. Make Her Smile 00:50
13. 10 Minutes 03:37
14. Hanged Skit 01:30
15. Let It Rain 03:46
16. Rain Don't Stop Me Now 03:27
17. Lystics 03:43
18. Really 02:01
19. Stars Shine 04:04
20. Time Out Skit 02:53  
21. Movin On 05:20
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S3 are Miles Bonny (Voice + Flugelhorn) and Brenk Sinatra (Beats). Supa Soul Sh*t made in Kansas City and Vienna. Both have been part of the inner circle here at MPM for a minute.

Miles Bonny is not your everyday r&b singer. He has been dubbed the missing link between D'Angelo and Willy Nelson and there is a reason why he called his first album ?Lumberjack Soul?. ?I make new music for old souls? Miles says. Born in New York and raised in New Jersey, Miles picked up the flugelhorn through his father, a professional horn player who gigged with Salsa Bands and on Broadway alike.

We call Miles ?the voice of MPM?. He is a collabo machine who has vibed and recorded with nearly every band and producer on Melting Pot Music. From Suff Daddy, Fleur Earth, DJ Day, Twit One and Dexter to 74 Miles Away, Sola Rosa and The Ruffcats. If Miles feels a beat, he steps to the mic and makes it his song. That's exactly what happened when he got hold of a 7? single by Brenk Sinatra that we released back in 2008. Within 10 minutes he turned ?Don't Stop? into the first S3 song (which now can be heard on the Supa Soul Sh*t album and is called ?10 Minutes?).

Brenk Sinatra is the beat godfather of Vienna. A Westcoast rap fanatic and hardcore producer, Brenk eats, breathes and sleeps music. Juice magazine have rated him as ? probably Europe's best hip-hop producer? or as Miles puts it: ?Brenk is a monster?. His solo albums ?Gumbo I?, ?Gumbo II? and ?Hi-Hat Club Vol.4 : Chop Shop? are "leiwand? as the say in Vienna. But the Brenk Sinatra fan club is worldwide. Houseshoes is Brenk's #1 supporter in Detroit & LA and Premo has hired Brenk to produce the forthcoming MC Eiht album on Year Round records.

Together, these two soul gorillas are S3. Their first album is a future classic or as Suff Daddy says ?super serious sh*t?.
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Supa Soul Sh*t - Album teaser (vid)

S3 (Miles Bonny & Brenk Sinatra) - Supa Soul Sh*t (snippet mix by Anthony Valadez) by MPMCGN

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?S3 is really fucking good fellas? DJ House Shoes (Detroit/Los Angeles)

?It's dope! I'll definitely be playing this out.? DJ Day (Palm Springs)

?S3 just took me to church! Love this! Love this! Love this! LA will be bumping
this.? Anthony Valadez (KCRW, Los Angeles)

?Combining Bonny's smoothed-out vocals over a relaxed hip-hop beat (think Electric Wire Hustle or Eric Lau), "Don't Stop" is exactly what you you will be saying when your four minutes is up.? Soulbounce (US)

""Don't Stop" is the epitome of their collaborative name, S3 or Super Soul Sh*t and will literally leave you begging they do what the song title states. Enjoy!" Bama Loves Soul (US)

"One of the most compelling new soul talents of the 21st Century." Dusty Groove (US)

"This sounds AWESOME." My Man Henri (92bpm.com)

?Instant classic status? Kevin Nottingham (USA)

"?Supa Soul Sh*t? hat mir quasi den Arsch gerettet." Marc Ehrich (Testspiel.de)

?Eine Perle von einer Platte, die Bonny und Sinatra geschaffen haben.? Björn Bischoff (Plattentests.de)

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