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Vol.1 ? Hulk Hodn & Twit One - Testiculo Y Uno (LP)
Vol.2 ? Suff Daddy - Suff Draft (LP)
Vol.3 ? Dexter ? Jazz Files (LP)
Vol.4 ? Brenk & Fid Mella ? ChopShop (LP)
Vol.5 ? Full Crate & FS Green ? Eggs And Pancakes (LP)

Vol.1 & 2 ? Testiculo Y Uno & Suff Draft (CD)
Vol.3 & 4 ? Jazz Files & Chop Shop (CD)

52-page photo booklet by Robert Winter

Limited edition box set consisting of 5 LPs, 2 CDs and a 52-page photo booklet by Robert Winter. Features all five volumes on LP (Hulk Hodn X Twit One, Suff Daddy, Dexter, Brenk X Fid Mella, Full Crate X FS Green), plus Vol 1 ? 4 on two CDs.

The Hi-Hat Club has established itself as the most cutting edge hip-hop producer series in Europe. It has introduced some of the hottest producers from Berlin, Cologne, Amsterdam and Vienna to the worldwide beatmaker community. It is a joint venture project between MPM and photographer Robert Winter. The records are accompanied by live events (Berlin, Cologne, Vienna, Hamburg), a blog and exhibitions. The 52-page photo booklet features mainly never seen before photos of producers like Suff Daddy, Dexter, Brenk, Full Crate, FS Green, DJ Day, Exile, fLako, Hubert Daviz, Twit One, Hulk Hodn, Tobrock and many more.

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