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C.O.W. 牛 - White (JUICE Premiere)

Welcome C.O.W. 牛! This producer collective consists of four known beatmakers and musicians from Germany and China who prefer to remain anyonymus. Their music spans from obscure jazz interludes to electrified club beats to sounds that don't have a name tag yet. Join the C.O.W. 牛 boys on their journey and download or stream their self-titled, 5 track strong debut EP on Melting Pot Music.

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C.O.W. 牛 on Soundcloud | Instagram
New beat tape from Afromaniac! ''Seasons'' is a collection of 14 beats he produced at the Sample Science sessions in Berlin from January 2013 to January 2015. Enjoy!

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Happy birthday "Gumbo II: Pretty Ugly!" Brenk Sinatra´s 2011 masterpiece turns 5 this summer.
To celebrate the event Brenk has delved 
deeply into his archives and unearthed 20 (!) beats
from the orginal "Gumbo II" sessions 
that didn´t made it on the album.

So we are proud to announce "Gumbo II: Pretty Ugly / Lost Tapes". A double LP consisting 
the original album on one platter and 20 brand new tracks from 2010-2011 on the other. 

Pressed on blue vinyl and limited to 1.000 copies.
Artwork by Cone The Weird.
Exlusive pre-sale at MPM Store (shipping starts 18th July)

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Filmed at Leila Akinyi's release gig for the "Afro Spartana EP" at Veedel Club, Cologne. 20.5.16.

03.07. Köln, Edelweisspiratenfestival
16.07. Hamburg, Daughterville Festival
17.07. Hamburg, Millentor Gallery (Viva con Aqua)
23.07. Potsdam, Streetopia Festival
13.08. Dortmund, Tomorrow Club Festival
13.08. Berlin, Randgestalten Festival
03.09. Halle, Breathe In - Break Out Festival
09.09. Berlin, Yaam
Get ready for the DJ Densen Remix from Veedel Kaztro's "In der Stadt" featuring Trettmann.

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Get ready for Leila Akinyi's first EP! Produced by Dienst & Schulter, Yaya and Yourz.

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1 Afro Spartana (prod. Yaya)
2 Kein Weg zu weit (prod. Yourz + Dienst&Schulter)
3 Nakupenda (prod. Yaya)
4 Phantasie (prod. Dienst&Schulter )
5 Liebe Dich (prod. Dienst&Schulter)

Leila Akinyi on Facebook | Instagram.
C.O.W. 牛 - C.O.W. 牛 EP (Digi) (OUT NOW) iTunes | Bandcamp
Afromaniac - Seasons (Digi)
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Brenk Sinatra - Gumbo II: Pretty Ugly / Lost Tapes (2LP/Digi) Aug 05 Exclusive Pre-Sale (shipping starts 18th July) MPM Store | HHV.de | Amazon | Bandcamp | Vinyl Digital
Veedel Kaztro In der Stadt feat. Trettmann (DJ Densen Remix) (Digi)
iTunes | Spotify | Amazon | Bandcamp
Leila Akinyi - Afro Spartana EP (Digi) iTunes | Spotify | Amazon | Bandcamp
MPM 6 Panel Logo Cap MPM Store | TheGoodWillOut
Marla - Madawaska Valley (LP+WAV/CD/Digi) MPM Store | Amazon | iTunes | Bandcamp | Spotify
Melodiesinfonie - Be Thankful (LP+WAV/Digi) MPM Store | HHV.de | Amazon | iTunes | Bandcamp | Spotify
Degenhardt - Terror 22 (LP+WAV/CD/Digi) MPM Store | HHV.de | Amazon | iTunes | Bandcamp | Spotify
Crack Ignaz & Wandl - Geld Leben (LP+WAV/CD/Digi) MPM Store | HHV.de | Amazon | iTunes | Bandcamp | Spotify

Leila Akinyi
Kein Weg zu weit (OUT NOW)

6 Panel Logo Cap (OUT NOW)

Madawaska Valley (OUT NOW)

Be Thankful Tour (Recap Video)

Terror 22 (OUT NOW)

Crack Ignaz & Wandl
Gödlife Pretty Boys (Video)

Be Thankful (OUT NOW)

Tuk Rueh (Digi Single)

In The Wind (Digi Single)

Madawaska Valley (Apr 8)

MPM 200
MPM Party (Feb 12)

Leila Akinyi
Afro Spartana (OUT NOW)

Crack Ignaz & Wandl
Rawness (Video)

Young Paul
Ein grosser Apfel (OUT NOW)

Eloquent & Dramadigs
Demos (Free DL)

Crack Ignaz & Wandl
Geld Leben

Hi-Hat Club Vol. 7
Knowsum - Hyasynthus

Hi-Hat Club Vol. 1-7 Mix

Ghost (from Hi-Hat Club Vol. 7 - Hyasynthus)

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