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Born Dwight Conroll Farell, his father - a West Indian Minister - encouraged him to play music at his church at the age of four. Count learned to play piano, organ and bass. In 1994 a demo tape caught the attention of Prime Minister Pete Nice of 3rd Bass which led to a deal with Chaos / Sony. His debut-album „Pre-Life Crisis“ was released in 1995 and flopped. In 2002 Count released „Dwight Spitz“, an album that many consider his best work to date. It was also his first album where the MPC 2000 drum machine became the main instrument (and featured MF Doom and Edan). Other classic and collectable Count Bass Dee records are „Art For Sale“, „Act Your Waist Size“ and „Begborrowsteal“.

The Count In Cologne (EP/Digi)
12inch single
MPM 182

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