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We are happy to announce the new Veedel Kaztro + Mels album Fenster zur Strasse which will be available on September 11th on LP, Tape, CD and mp3 at our MPM Store.

Listen to the first single 'In der Stadt' on Bandcamp or iTunes.

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Tracklist "Fenster zur Strasse"
Splash! Festival was a blast. Thanks to everyone who partied with us. Here are some nice shots from Robert Winter and Walter Glöckle. Enjoy!

Es ist alles so .... Kirsch! Austria's sweetheart Crack Ignaz released his debut-album Kirsch.

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Tracklist "Kirsch"

Veedel Kaztro releases his Fussball EP (Digi) on June 26th. The EP features Young Paul, Sparky, Fatoni and MC Smook. Produced by Spexo, Yourz, Enaka, Mels and Costa Kwanta.

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Tracklist "Fussball EP"

Gold Roger´s first album Räuberleiter is out now. Available as LP, CD, MC and Digi.

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Listen to "Räuberleiter" on Spotify.
Veedel Kaztro + Mels - Fenster zur Straße LP + Fußball EP (Limited hhv.de Bundle) (LP+EP+WAV) MPM Store | hhv.de | Bandcamp (shipping starts Sep 11th.)
Veedel Kaztro + Mels - Fenster zur Straße (LP+WAV/CD/MC+WAV/Digi) MPM Store | hhv.deAmazon | Bandcamp | iTunes
(In Stores: Sep 11th. Exclusive Pre Sale at MPM Store: shipping starts August 17th)
Crack Ignaz - Kirsch (LP/CD/Digi) MPM Store | hhv.de | Amazon | iTunes | Bandcamp | Spotify
Veedel Kaztro - Fussball EP (Digi) iTunes | Bandcamp
Gold Roger - Räuberleiter (LP+WAV/CD/MC+WAV/Digi) MPM Store | hhv.de | Amazon | iTunes | Bandcamp
Hubert Daviz - Proceduri De Rutina (2LP+Prints+WAV/2LP+WAV/Digi) MPM Store | hhv.de | Amazon | iTunes | Bandcamp
Hubert Daviz - O Alta Perspectiva (Digi) iTunes l Bandcamp
FloFilz - Metronom (LP+MP3/Digi)
MPM Store |  hhv.de | Amazon (LP) | iTunes | Bandcamp
Aphroe - 90 (LP+MP3/CD+MP3/Digi) MPM Store I hhv.de | Amazon I iTunes I Bandcamp
Suff Daddy - Blunts With My Crew (7") MPM Store | hhv.de | Bandcamp

Veedel Kaztro
In der Stadt (Single)

Veedel Kaztro + Mels
Fenster zur Straße (Announcement)

Crack Ignaz
'Kirsch' out now! (Release)

Veedel Kaztro
86 Veedel (Video)

Crack Ignaz
Ned Gscheid (Video)

Veedel Kaztro
Fussball EP out now! (Like to download)

Veedel Kaztro
Cro Money ft. MC Smook & Sparky (Video)

Veedel Kaztro
München - Kölle feat. Fatoni (Video)

Gold Roger
Gürhan (Video)

Crack Ignaz
Gwalla (Video)

Gold Roger
Räuberleiter (Like to download)

Gold Roger
Pisse (Video)

Gold Roger
Splash! Mag Interview

Suff Daddy
MunichOpenMinded (Radio Show)

Gold Roger
MLXMLK (Video)

Gold Roger
Räuberleiter (Announcement)

Sunday Jazz Part 2 (Mixtape)

Hubert Daviz
Proceduri De Rutina 5th Anniversary Edition (Pre-Sale)

Veedel Kaztro + Gold Roger + Johnny Rakete

Suff Daddy
Suff Sells RSD Edition out now (Release)


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