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After a two year hiatus, the Hi-Hat Club returns with Volume 7 of the Melting Pot Music producer series. Back in 2009 MPM hooked-up with photographer Robert Winter with the mission to give the burgeoning producer scene a new platform and a good look too. The Hi-Hat Club layed the foundation of the German beatmaker scene of today and kicked off the careers of artits like Twit-One, Suff Daddy, Dexter, Brenk Sinatra, Fid Mella and Full Crate.

Fast forward to 2015, an instrumental hip-hop record is not so special anymore. Everybody and their mother is doing beats now - from boom- bap to future beats to whatever. The scene has never been more vibrant and great records are dropping left, right and center.

It would heve been easy to fit in here with a new Hi-Hat Club record. But we wanted to look a bit further, take a few more risks and release a record that doesn't care too much about what's poppin right now. And we believe that "Hyasynthus" is such a record. We have been fans of Knowsum for a while now and the 22 year old Sichtexot diciple has blessed us with an album that demands a lot from his listener but gives back as much. If not double. Some people might ask if this is still hip- hop but we couldn't care less ... This cat is on his own ish for real!

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Release Nov 27, exclusive MPM Store pre-sale starts shipping on Nov 9!

Visit the Hi-Hat Club at www.hi-hatclub.com.
Tracklist "Hyasynthus"
The ''König der Alpen'' Crack Ignaz hitting the lab with superproducer Wandl to create his second album ''Geld Leben''. Less cloudy and more sample based, it brings a sound wich is more like Pinata than 'Hotline Bling. Swag!

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Tracklist "Geld Leben"

Our king of the Alps Crack Ignaz will be touring with LGoony in 2016!

Here are all the dates for the
NASA Universe Tour:

Jan 20 Innsbruck (A) | Club Aftershave
Jan 21 Salzburg (A) | Rockhouse Bar
Jan 22 Wien (A) | Fluc
Jan 23 Graz (A) | P.P.C. Bar
Jan 26 Frankfurt / Main | Zoom
Jan 27 Köln | YUCA
Jan 28 Stuttgart | Schräglage
Jan 29 München | Hansa 36
Jan 30 Heilbronn | Mobilat
Feb 01 Saarbrücken | Kleiner Klub Garage
Feb 05 Hamburg | Kleiner Donner
Feb 06 Essen | Hotel Shanghai
Feb 10 Leipzig | Täubchenthal
Feb 11 Rostock | Helgas Kitchen
Feb 12 Chemnitz | Atomino
Feb 13 Berlin | Privatclub
Ed Motta will play a tribute show to Afrobrail with the Urban Culture Academy. Tito Wun & Lorenzzo Merluzzo 8Disco Rigido) will play support. Get you ticket here.

The homie Skor72 celebrates the Hi-Hat Club Collector's Box Set(7xLP + Sticker + Box) with an all vinyl-mix of some of his favourite Hi-Hat Club tracks by Twit One, Hulk Hodn, Suff Daddy, Dexter, Brenk Sinatra, Fid Mella, Full Crate, FS Green and DJ Adlib. Plus two tunes from the forthcoming Vol.7 by Knowsum. A little world premiere. If you happen to be in Leipzig you need to check out his VARY Store.
The "Collector's Box Set" is limited to 300 copies. Release date is Nov 28

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Find more about the Hi-Hat Club at hi-hatclub.com
The Hi-Hat Club Collecter's Box Set consists of 7 LPs (Hi-Hat Club Vol.1-7: Testiculo Y Uno aka Twit One & Hulk Hodn, Suff Daddy, Dexter, Brenk Sinatra & Fid Mella, Full Crate & FS Green, DJ Adlib, Knowsum) packaged in a hardcover box made of heavy cardboard. The box houses 10 Lps in total. A photo of Twit One's legendary now defunct Treehouse Studio, shot by Robert Winter in 2009, adorns the front side. The box set also includes 7 collector card stickers with the album covers of volume 1 - 7. On the back you have 9 blank fields where you can paste the collector card sticker from every album that you own. The forthcoming volumes 8 and 9 will come with collector card stickers too. The box is designed by Chicken George and is limited to 300 copies. It is only available at selected independent record stores. You cannot order it from Amazon.

Size: 316mm (L) x 318mm (W) x 42mm (H)

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Visit the Hi-Hat Club at www.hi-hatclub.com.
Hi-Hat Club Discography
Hi-Hat Club Vol 7. Knowsum - Hyasynthus (LP+MP3/Digi)
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Crack Ignaz & Wandl - Geld Leben (LP+MP3/CD+MP3/Digi) MPM Store (shipping starts Januar 8) | Amazon | Bandcamp JAN 18
Hi-Hat Club - Collector's Box Set (7 LP+MP3/Digi) MPM Store | Bandcamp (Shipping starts on Nov. 28th !) | HHV.DE NOV 28
Dramadigs - Rauchzeichen (LP+MP3/Digi) MPM Store | HHV.DE | Amazon | iTunes | Bandcamp | Spotify
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MPM - Beanies (Onesize) MPM Store
Veedel Kaztro + Mels - Fenster zur Straße (LP+WAV/CD/MC+WAV/Digi) MPM Store | HHV.DEAmazon | iTunes | Bandcamp | Spotify
Crack Ignaz - Kirsch (LP/CD/Digi) MPM Store | HHV.DE | Amazon | iTunes | Bandcamp | Spotify
Hubert Daviz - Proceduri De Rutina (2LP+Prints+WAV/2LP+WAV/Digi) MPM Store | hhv.de | Amazon | iTunes | Bandcamp | Spotify
Hubert Daviz - O Alta Perspectiva (Digi) iTunes l Bandcamp l Spotify

Hi-Hat Club Vol. 7 (OUT NOW!!!)
Knowsum - Hyasynthus

Hi-Hat Club Vol. 1-7 Mix

Ghost (from Hi-Hat Club Vol. 7 - Hyasynthus)

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Veedel Kaztro + Mels
Fenster zur Strasse (out now)

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Veedel Kaztro + Mels
Fenster zur Strasse (Lyric-Booklet)

Veedel Kaztro, Johnny Rakete, Gold Roger & DJ Densen
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Rauchzeichen (Announcement)

Veedel Kaztro + Mels
In der Stadt (Video)

Suff Daddy
F&KS Radio Vol. 8 (Radio Show)

Veedel Kaztro + Mels
In der Stadt (Single)

Veedel Kaztro + Mels
Fenster zur Straße (Announcement)


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