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Video for "Malandragem" taken from Twit One´s album The Sit-In.

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Twit One celebrates the release of The Sit-In with a musical sunday brunch at Haus der Wunder in Köln-Ehrenfeld. DJs of the day are Twit, Stecken Volker and Olski. Watch out for some surprise guests. It's a free event.

Address: Vogelsanger Str. 282, 50825 Köln/Cologne, Germany

Timo Milbredt didn't start a tourdiary...
Veedel Kaztro, Johnny Rakete, Gold Roger and DJ Densen don't plan to go on tour in spring...

Niemand hat die Absicht (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Produced by Hawk One. Video by Timo Milbredt. Premiere by Juice Magazin.

MAR 20 Frankfurt | Ponyhof MAR 21 Stuttgart | Zwölfzehn MAR 26 Hamburg | Kleiner Donner MAR 27 Bielefeld | N. z.P. MAR 28 Wiesbaden | Kontext APR 2 Köln | Underground
APR 4 Mannheim | Disco Zwei APR 9 Bremen | MS Treue APR 10 Münster | Skaters Palace Cafe
APR 11 Berlin | Panke APR 18 Regensburg | Suite 15

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FloFilz has the courage to drop a remix of a D'Angelo track. Nailed it left, right & center! Have a listen.

Starring Coco Reynolds. Video by Timo Milbredt

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Veedel Kaztro, Johnny Rakete, Gold Roger - Niemand Tour (CD) ONLY AVAILABLE ON TOUR!
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Veedel Kaztro - Büdchen (CD)
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Twit One
The Sit-In Release Brunch (Event)

Veedel + Rakete + Goldie
Tour Track (Video & Free Download)

New Track (Remix)

Twit One
Sit-In (Snippet)

Twenty(4)Seven (Free Mixtape)

The Ruffcats
The Baaang! (Video)

Ruffcats + Retrogott
Atomic Love Affair (Video)

Veedel + Rakete + Goldi
Niemand hat die Absicht… (Tour)

Gold Roger
Mettwillen (Video)

The Ruffcats
Cologne, Jan 29 (Event)

Blockrocker & Sektorwestbüdchen
Cologne, Jan 15 (Event)

Veedel Kaztro, Gold Roger, Sickless & Schote
Ich glaube (Video)

Betty Ford Boys
X-Mas Fan packets (Draw)

Betty Ford Boys
Henny Lean (16bars.de Premier)

SUB 138 Advent
Cologne, Dec 14 (Event)

FloFilz x Pawcut
7" (Gingerbread Records)

Melting Pot Music
Beanies (Merchandise)

Betty Ford Boys
Retox (Merchandise)

Hug Life Hoodie (Merchandise)

Betty Ford Boys
Retox (Out now)


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