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Suff Daddy and Torky Tork patrolling a carpet near you.

Apr 24 | Munich | Yip Yab
Apr 25 | Leipzig | Distillery
Apr 26 | Hamburg | Mojo Club
Apr 30 | Stuttgart | Stereo 5.1
May 02 | Karlsruhe | Vanguarde
May 03 | Mannheim | Alte Feuerwache
May 28 | Frankfurt/Main | D3 am Main
May 30 | Muenster | Hot Jazz Club
Rap Veedel Kaztro Beat Fonty

Round 5 of the Moment Of Truth Battle by splash! Mag. Vote here.

Video by Arvid Wünsch

The new Dramadigs album "Bei aller Liebe" is out now. The 2LP features dude & phaeb, Demograffics, Keno, Schaufel & Spaten, Sonne Ra, Luk & Fil, Slowy, Rino Mandingo, Eloquent, DCS, Fatoni, Funky Cottleti, Veedel Kaztro and also contains the instrumentals of all tracks.

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Carpet Patrol do not only have dope beats. The album cover by Robert Winter isn't that bad either and a perfect fit for a sleeveface contest.

Just do it like Suff Daddy:
- Take a photo of yourself and your Carpet Patrol LP.
- Send your photo to jan@mpmsite.com.
- The person with the best, nicest, funniest or most creative photo wins a Vapocane vaporizer set, courtesy of Verdampftnochmal.de.
- All entries will be posted on Carpet Patrol's Facebook page.
- Deadline: April 25, 2014.

Download "Palm Beach Berlin" for free.

"The Essence Vol. 3" (LP/Digi) by Germany's hardest working backing band The Ruffcats is now available for pre-order. It will hit the stores on May 2. The LP comes with a download card for "The Essence Vol. 2 & 3".

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We're celebrating the release of "The Essence Vol. 2" by The Ruffcats. You can download the 6-track-EP here for free or stream on Bandcamp or SoundCloud.

While having fun with Vol. 2, you can order "The Essence Vol. 3" (LP) now at the MPM store. Album will be in stores on May 2.

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The Ruffcats - The Essence Vol.3 (LP + Digi) 2 May MPM Store | hhv.deBandcamp | iTunes
Dramadigs - Bei aller Liebe (MC + Digi) 19 April MPM Store | hhv.de | iTunesBandcamp 
Dramadigs - Bei aller Liebe (2LP + Digi) 19 April MPM Store | hhv.de | iTunesBandcamp 
Carpet Patrol - Carpet Patrol (MC + Digi) MPM Store | hhv.de
Carpet Patrol - Carpet Patrol (CD/LP/Digi) MPM Store | hhv.de | iTunes | Amazon | Bandcamp
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V.A. - Beat Power (2LP/Digi) MPM Store | hhv.de | iTunes | Amazon | Bandcamp
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Music Man
Ein Plattenladen für einen Tag

Mobb Deep Ultra (Tribute)

Veedel Kaztro
#MOT 4 Vogel / Frosch

Servietten vor die Säue feat. Luk & Fil (Free Download)

Count Bass D
in Cologne (Video)

Carpet Patrol
S/T (Out now)

Veedel Kaztro feat. Tami
#MOT 3 Gästeliste

Carpet Patrol
Indian Slap (Free Download)

Veedel Kaztro
#MOT 2 Ich möchte nicht, dass ihr meine Lieder singt (Free Download)

Betty Ford Boys
Sunday Session (Radio)

Veedel Kaztro
#MOT Battle 2 (splash! Mag)

Betty Ford Boys
At the studio (Photos)

Carpet Patrol
Bob Molly (Video)

Beat Power Bundle (2LP & Shirt)

Carpet Patrol
EPK (Video)

Sopa de Tartaruga (Out now)

Veedel Kaztro
#MOT 1 Ist das der amerikanische Traum? (splash! Mag)

Veedel Kaztro & Fid Mella
Gefängnissparty (Video)

Rillencheck (Inv)

Betty Ford Boys
Ansage 2014


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