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Welcome Marla! Here is the first video single from her debut Madawaska Valley. The album will drop on April 08 (CD/LP/Digi).

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Marla live 2016

Feb 12 Köln | Lagerfeuer Deluxe, Stadtgarten Mar 04 Heilbronn | Poetry Slam Apr 01 Swindon (UK) | Behive Apr 02 Charlberry (UK) | MonckFest Apr 03 Worth Matravers (UK) | Square & Compass Apr 04 London (UK) | BBC Bob Harris Apr 04 Bath (UK) | The Bell Apr 06 Lewes (UK) | The Lamp Apr 07 South Hampton (UK) | The Platform Apr 08 Exeter (UK) | The Old Fire House Apr 21 Reichenbach | Happening Bürokonzert Apr 22 Berlin | Heim(e)lich Apr 30 Bonn | Grünspecht May 05 Freiburg | Sofa Sessions May 07 Hof an der Saale | Halunkenburg
May 08 Regensburg | Couch May 11 Münster | Teilchen & Beschleuniger May 12 Hagen | Pelmke May 13 Hamburg | Hasenschaukel May 14 Lübeck | Tonfink May 26 Unna | Spatz & Wal May 27 Mühlheim an der Ruhr | Cafe Mokka May 28 Köln | Weltempfänger

Hallo Partner: MPM welcomes Harmonie Hurensohn! We are distributing and supporting the label from legendary underdog MC Degenhardt. Degenhardt is one of the most controversial artists on the German rap scene and also one of the "realest" and most honest MCs.
His new album Terror 22 will be available on LP, CD and digital.

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We are proud to announce the new record Be Thankful from our new member Melodiesinfonie. The album will drop on Feb 26th on LP/Digi.

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Releasedate: Feb 26th Exclusive pre-sale at MPM Store (shipping has already started)

FEB 04 Linz (AT), Stadtwerkstatt FEB 06 Vicenza (IT), Tba. FEB 12 Köln, Yuca FEB 13 Stuttgart, Freund & Kupferstecher FEB16 Berlin, Monarch FEB 17 Hamburg, Haekken FEB 18 München, Tba. FEB 20 Erfurt, Güterbahnhof FEB 09 Basel (CH) | Kaserne

Leila Akinyi - Afro Spartana (Video)
The first single by our new artist Leila Akinyi.

Introducing Leila Akinyi (Interview)
We are proud to welcome Leila Akinyi to the crew! She is a singer and rapper from Cologne. Born in Mombasa, Kenia she moved to Germany at the age of six. At 14 she started rapping with a local crew called Petit Free and joind a Gospel choir soon after.

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The ''König der Alpen'' Crack Ignaz hitting the lab with superproducer Wandl to create his second album ''Geld Leben''. Less cloudy and more sample based, it brings a sound which is more like Pinata than 'Hotline Bling. Swag!

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Marla - Madawaska Valley (LP+WAV/CD/Digi)
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MAR 1 (Pre-sale at MPM Store. Shipping starts Mar 5)
Melodiesinfonie - Be Thankful (LP+WAV/Digi)
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FEB 26 (Pre-sale at MPM Store. Shipping has already started)
Degenhardt - Terror 22 (LP/CD/Digi)
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MAR 11 (Pre-sale at MPM Store. Shipping starts Feb 16)
Leila Akinyi - Afro Spartana (Digi)
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Crack Ignaz & Wandl - Geld Leben (LP+WAV/CD/Digi)
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Hi-Hat Club - Collector's Box Set
(7 LP+WAV/Digi)
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Hi-Hat Club Vol. 7: Knowsum - Hyasynthus (LP+WAV/Digi)
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Hi-Hat Club Vol. 3: Dexter - The Jazz Files (LP+WAV/Digi)
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Hi-Hat Club Vol. 2: Suff Daddy -
Suff Draft (LP+WAV/Digi)
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Dramadigs - Rauchzeichen (LP+WAV/Digi)
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MPM Party (Feb 12)

Be Thankful (Feb 26)

Leila Akinyi
Afro Spartana (OUT NOW)

Crack Ignaz & Wandl
Rawness (Video)

Terror 22 (Mar 11)

Young Paul
Ein grosser Apfel (OUT NOW)

Eloquent & Dramadigs
Demos (Free DL)

Crack Ignaz & Wandl
Geld Leben

Hi-Hat Club Vol. 7
Knowsum - Hyasynthus

Hi-Hat Club Vol. 1-7 Mix

Ghost (from Hi-Hat Club Vol. 7 - Hyasynthus)

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Hi-Hat Club Vol. 1-10
Collectors Box


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Beatset live from Paris (Video)

Dramadigs & Eloquent
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Crack Ignaz
live at splash! 2015 (Video)

Veedel Kaztro + Mels
Laut (Video)

Veedel Kaztro + Mels
Fenster zur Strasse (out now)


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